Djelal Ispanedi

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Djelal Ispanedi is contemporary artist working professionally as a portrait and street photographer living in East London.

Currently, Djelal is working on a photographic book for Westham FC as well as being involved in various projects in and around London.

On this website you can veiw a portfolio of Djelal Ispanedi’s photography. You may even link up or follow him on social media and his personal blog.

Djela's Mailing List: You can find out about the latest projects and events by Djelal Ispanedi and receive updstes with exclusive information about a top selection of upcoming events from his close associates.

If you'd like to be included in his mailing list or would like to discuss the potential of a proffesional project with Djelal Ispanedi you will find contact details and links bellow and throughout this site.

Djelal or a member of his team always endevour to reply to your messages, even when he is not immediately avalable. Please be aware that we may not be able to answer all proposals due to time constraints of current projects. If he is busy there is sometimes potential for future oportunities so don't be shy.

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